Affiliate Content Creator Program

Join our exclusive circle of content creators and leverage the unique advantages Gamers Home offers to elevate your channel and captivate your audience:

Program Benefits:

  • Discover Fresh Indie Titles:

    Get early access to a new collection of indie games every season, all available as limited editions to keep your content fresh and engaging.


  • Exclusive Content Access:
    Enhance your videos and streams with exclusive resources like Steam keys, in-game footage, and trailers, perfect for engaging your followers.


  • Community and Networking:
    Become part of our dedicated Discord community to connect with fellow creators, exchange tips, and access direct support from the Gamers Home team.


  • Bi-Monthly Affiliate Meetings:
    Attend our bi-monthly meetings to gather insights, request additional resources, and collaborate on unique content strategies.


  • Open Doors to New Opportunities:
    Beyond earnings, the Gamers Home Affiliate Program is your gateway to networking with studios and unlocking potential freelancing projects.


  • Earn with Every Referral:
    Utilize your personalized coupon code to offer your audience a 10% discount while earning a 10% commission on sales, fueling your channel’s growth.


How to Apply:

We believe in the power of unique content and the voices behind it. That's why, for each season, Gamers Home will select 30 content creators to join our exclusive Affiliate Program.


Here's your chance to be part of something special, where you can grow, earn, and contribute to the indie gaming scene.


Application Process:


  1. Register Your Interest:
    Fill out the application form here, providing details about your content creation journey and your passion for indie games.

  2. Create One Unique Piece of Content:
    Show us why you should be part of the program.
    Submit one unique piece of content (video, article, artwork, etc.) that highlights your creativity, understanding of indie gaming, and ability to engage your audience.

    This piece should not only showcase your content creation skills but also reflect your enthusiasm for indie games.


Selection Criteria:

Our team will review all applications and content submissions based on creativity, engagement potential, alignment with Gamers Home's mission, and an evident passion for indie gaming.

We're looking for creators who are ready to explore the depths of indie gaming and share their discoveries with the world.

What Awaits You:




Selected content creators will embark on a journey through the indie gaming ecosystem with Gamers Home, gaining access to exclusive game content, earning opportunities through our Affiliate Program, and connecting with a like-minded community.

This is your chance to enhance your content creation repertoire, dive deep into the world of indie games, and make a lasting impact on your audience and beyond.


Apply to Gamers Home Affiliate Content Creator Program